Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laser Engraving?

Laser Engraving is the act of stripping the anodized coating to reveal the metal underneath. The logo, clipart or other artwork will show up in a whiteish/metallic tint. Colour information will be engraved whitish, the white information inside the file is disregarded.

Ordering Custom Sizes

For custom sized prints your image needs to be sized to exactly what you require.

You will need to select the next largest size to the size you require.

For example, if you need an 18x38 you will need to select a 20x40. Your file must be sized to the size you want output (18x38).

(Generally, we can only do custom sizing to the closest ½”.)

Once you drop the image into the panel you will need to select the Crop or Fit button, which appears when you click inside the main panel.

Custom Size 01
When you click on the Crop or Fit button it will open up some white space.

Please let us know if you want the white trimmed off in the special instructions area upon checkout.

You must also put a note in the special instruction indicating it is a custom size and the specific size you want.

Custom Size 02
If you are doing a custom sized Metal Print, you will need to click the radio button in the options that says Allow to fit, and you will be charged accordingly for cutting a custom size. Cost for cutting varies based on the size of the metal being cut.

You need to specify the exact size you need.

HG Metal custom size

What is the difference between Fine Art Canvas and Traditional Canvas?

Fine Art Canvas is inkjet printed directly onto canvas, Fine Art Premium Canvas is inkjet printed directly onto canvas and then either a matte or satin laminate is added for additional protection. For canvasses going into high traffic areas we recommend the Premium canvas with laminate. We use archival wide format inkjet Epson printers for this process. 
Traditional Canvas prints are produced on Kodak Endura silver halide paper. The photo emulsion is laminated with a satin finish, stripped away from its paper base and, under high pressure, bonded to museum quality artist’s canvas. Traditional canvas lends nicely to images with high contrast or lots of colour. 

Both canvasses look great, and neither one is necessarily "better" than the other. It just comes down to a matter of personal preference. 

Can you print custom sizes?

For most products we can indeed print custom sizes. To order a custom size choose the next size up that would fit the size you need. Include a note in your special instructions requesting that custom size and we'll make the necessary adjustments before printing.